Athlete of the Month

December 2015 —  Athlete of the Month

The December Female Athlete of the Month is Sophia Vivero from the Bantam Girls’ Basketball Team.  At first glance, it’s easy to see that Sophia is talented.  But what is the most impressive about her is how dedicated she is to the sport, and more importantly, to her team.  She puts 100% effort into everything she does and works incredibly hard to improve her skillset.


The December Male Athlete of the Month is Callum Chow-White from the Bantam Boys’ Basketball Team.  His outstanding play in the Mountain Blues Tournament helped the team to finish second.  The leadership and dedication he displays both on and off the court has helped to improve the team as a whole.  He is a selfless player who ensures his teammates are given every opportunity to shine and he can be relied on to take control of a game when necessary.


There were no nominees for the Coach of the Month in December.  Athletes may nominate their coach by speaking to Mr. Ryan.

November Athletes of the Month

The November Female Athlete of the Month is Aina Yano from the Swimming Team.  Aino had outstanding performances in the Zone finals and qualified for the Provincials.  At the Provincials she finished 6th in the 50m Freestyle and 2nd in the 50m Fly.  She earned 31 points for the team and helped them to earn 8th place overall.


The November Male Athlete of the Month is William Truong also from the Swimming Team.  William has not only had great results, he has also been a team leader and assistant coach.  His dedication to the team throughout season has helped to make it the 8th place finisher at the Provincials.   Personally, he earned 20 points toward the team total and finished 13th in the 50m Fly and 3rd in the 50 m Breast stroke.


The Coach of the Month for November is Ms. O’Reilly.  Ms. O’Reilly is responsible for resurrecting the Field Hockey team this Fall.   She rallied a number of girls together to form a club in order to begin teaching the fundamentals of the sport and to lay the foundation for a full team in the league next year.  Her efforts did not go unnoticed by the players who nominated her based on the fact “she’s always encouraging, positive, and she never gives up on us.”​


December Athletes of the Month

The male athlete of the month in December is Blake Richardson for his contribution to the Junior basketball team.  Blake has been a solid presence on the court both offensively and defensively.  He brings a strong work ethic and leadership to his team.  Blake is leading the team in scoring and rebounds thus far through the season.

The female athlete of the month in December is Alix Gabriel of the Senior basketball team. Alix was awarded the Player of the Game at the Byrne Creek tournament. She also led the team in scoring in the regular season game against Byrne on December 17th with 18 points.  In addition to playing well, Alix is one of the student coaches for the grade 9 basketball team.  Alix not only shows leadership for her own team, she is also sharing her knowledge with Mountain’s next generation of basketball players.

The coach of the month for December is Mr. P. Gabriel.  Mr. Gabriel is a community coach who dedicates much time to developing the players.  Each player is given individual attention and he has led to team to an undefeated record thus far in league play.